REMC: Where Can We Add Value?

I read this BuzzMachine blog entry about Journalists: Where Do you Add Value? And it got me thinking about our REMC the same way. So with that in mind I took the words from this blog and inserted REMC in some of the explanation:

“Journalism can’t afford repetition and production anymore.”
REMC can’t afford to repeat what has already been done and produce the same old products

“Every minute of a journalist’s time will need to go to adding unique value to the news ecosystem: reporting, curating, organizing. This efficiency is necessitated by the reduction of resources.”
REMC needs to spend more time thinking about how we can add unique value to the educational ecosystem: collaborating, sharing, leading, innovating, not just solving problems but identifying the problems correctly

“If you can’t imagine why someone would link to what you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it”
If we can’t interest people in continuing to receive our core services, we should stop offering them as core services and find out what they will receive

“The question every journalist must ask is: Am I adding value?
That’s the way that journalism will have to be executed in the future: efficiently.”
The question we should ask in REMC: Are We adding value?
That’s the way REMC will have to be executed in the future: efficiently

In other words, REMC should do what it does best and link to the rest

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